Mama Flasch's Gourmet Kitchen




In our family, it was almost impossible to have a party without Mama Flasch’s homemade foods. We would spend hours together on Sundays, canning fresh fruits and vegetables with different flavors sealed right into the jar. From jellies to jams…beans to beets…peaches to pickles, every jar was filled with flavor and fun.


Our philosophy was simple: fresh ingredients = fresh taste. Our family created Mama Flasch’s salsas, and we want you to share it with your family. Mama Flasch has always insisted on fresh ingredients, ripe fruits and hearty vegetables for her recipes, which she slowly prepared with loving care in her kitchen. So, come on in, have a seat. There’s always room for more in Mama Flasch’s kitchen.



Relaunched Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen on a national level.


Moved out of home kitchen and into a larger commercial kitchen.


Introduced Gregular™/ Scottsome Heat™/ InCindyary™


Launched Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen.


Made the decision to look into forming an official business entity.


Shared salsas with friends and family, who encouraged a formal business.


Begin producing salsas and canned goods at home.


Idea forms for Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen.

Food is our common ground,

a universal experience.

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts

while eating a homegrown tomato.

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity

to eat badly.

People who love to eat

are always the best people.

Food is our common ground,

a universal experience.

There is no sincerer love

than the love of food

It’s not about nutrients and calories.

It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty.